Welcome To Togiak

Spending the summer fishing out of Togiak River Lodge in Alaska is every fisherman’s dream vacation, and every fishing guides dream job. Spending approximately 6 weeks fishing for Kings, then 6 weeks fishing for Silvers. What an adventure awaits!!

Kings On The Run  – Togiak River Lodge is located 6 miles up river from Togiak, Alaska. The river water is swift, surrounded by grasslands, loaded with this year’s run of King Salmon. What an amazing experience to be guiding these waters. Long hours on the water courtesy of extended summer Alaskan days makes for the perfect storm for the fishing enthusiast or is it extremist? I am not sure, that line can sometimes be blurred. What it does provide for is lots of rig ups! Lots of baited Kwikfish, lots of divers, lots of time admiring this beautiful setting, and of course lots of hook ups! Fishing while you are awake, and fishing while you sleep. No rest for the weary…….I have fish to clean.

And don’t get me started on the bears…………

To be continued…….